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It's been five years since our last HF Collected Box Set, and "Collected 4" has been in the works for quite a while. Only 2500 copies of the box set are being produced. Pre-order today to reserve a copy here.
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Originally published at Strangeling: The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith. You can comment here or there.

Updates from Jasmine!

It’s officially my biggest update ever!  It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to send out my mailing list, so you are in for a BIG treat today.  Sit back, make some tea, and enjoy all the new stuff =)</p>

Firstly – we’re leaving shortly for California!  I’m going to be doing my “Take Over” in Anaheim at Disneyland’s Downtown Disney, at the WonderGround Gallery October 27th, 28th & 29th along with my fellow Disney artist Joey Chou.  The entire gallery will be filled with our art (including my non-Disney artwork) – thousands of prints, canvases, postcards, shirts, mugs, magnets, Vinlymation dolls, and more.  I will be painting LIVE and Disney has contracted me to paint URSULA!  I’ll be there in person each day from 1-9pm, all three days (short break for dinner/bathroom around 6-ish).  Details are here.


Don’t worry Florida folks – I have three more new events at Disney Springs – mark your calendars – November 11 (4-7pm at the Co-Op), December 9 (6-9pm at the Pop Gallery), December 16 (4-7 at the Co-Op).  See them on my official events page here .

New paintings!  I have three new paintings to show you (all the originals have already sold, but we have prints & canvases).  “Halloween Dragonling” is here , “The Nightingale and the Rose” is here , “Bumblebee Dragonling” is here.

Original painting giveaway!  Each month I give away an original painting at my Patreon.  This month I am giving away the original “Octopus Pumpkin!”  Yes, the actual framed original acrylic painting – not a print.  All of my Patreon patrons will automatically be entered, winning patron will be selected via random number generator at 8PM EST on October 23rd.  As long as you are signed up at my Patreon page here you will be among those included in the original painting giveaway (and zillions of other fun giveaways and other good stuff).


Speaking of Patreon, I have given my Patrons a free BONUS coloring page “Halloween Dragonling” this month!  My coloring pages are Exclusive to Patreon (not found anywhere else), downloadable/printable, 1-2 new ones per month, and added to all the other Patreon perks for patrons at the $5+ tier level.  Not a member? Get up there now and get in on the ground floor, click here for details. You’ll get ALL the coloring pages so far immediately, and all the new ones as they are relased.

I have a new figurine collection called “Butterfly Virtues” – in stock NOW at the Hamilton Collection with express shipping available!  This new collection feature beautiful fairies with butterfly wings and incorporates some new elements such as metallic detailing, jewels, and a wide variety of skintones and hairstyles.  USA customers can order the collection now, immediate shipment as they are in stock here.  Live outside the US?  Don’t worry, they will probably pop up soon on the international retail sites like Burning Desires here.  Scroll down to see all the characters that will be released!


The October Pin of the Month is “Skeleton Magic!”  Those of you in the Patreon Pin Collector club will have already had your pin shipped out, everybody else can order theirs on my website here (worldwide) Strangeling Collectible Enamel Pins site.

In other Pin News, my friend Paul at StrangelingUK has (in stock, they will ship worldwide) a special UK Exclusive pin – “Pumpkin Pixie!”  She can only be purchased at the StrangelingUK site here or at our UK live events.  Don’t worry, Paul is happy to ship from the UK to any other country in the world too!

Speaking of Exclusive Pins, the Pop Gallery at Disney Springs now has a Pop Gallery Exclusive pin set!  They will also ship anywhere in the world, if you aren’t able to visit Disney World, hehe.  It is a three pin set featuring “Daydreams and Frogs,” “Alice and Snow White,” and “Poppy Magic.”  Details about ordering the Pop Gallery pins are here.

Finally (this is a very Halloween-y update!) – the Sale Print of the Month up at my Strangeling.com website is “The Scarecrow” – she is on sale here – only $9.99 – $19.99 for glossy paper prints signed on the back by me, and only $90 for 12×16″  open edition canvas prints, wrapped on boards & ready to hang, signed COA.

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Posted by Andy Smith

Painter Kehinde Wiley was recently chosen by former President Barack Obama to paint his official portrait for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Wiley should be familiar to Hi-Fructose readers: His work appeared on the cover of Hi-Fructose Vol. 36 and was featured in the exhibition “Turn the Page: The First 10 Years of Hi-Fructose.”
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[Photos] Key Instagram Update 171019 - Flowers from Taemin (2P)

내새끼 다컸네 이런 것도 보낼줄 알고 .. ㅠㅠ #move #태민 옛다
‘My baby has grown up .. he even sent me these .. ㅠㅠ he’s #move #Taemin’

Credit: bumkeyk
English Trans: Forever_SHINee[4]

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Choi Ji Woo and SHINee member Minho have joined the cast of tvN’s upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama titled “The World’s Most Beautiful Goodbye” (literal title).

The four-episode drama is a remake of one of screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung’s most famous masterpieces. “The World’s Most Beautiful Goodbye” is a story about a wife who sacrificed all of her life for her family gets diagnosed with cancer one day, and prepares to bid farewell to her family.

When the drama first aired in 1996, it made many viewers shed tears and received the Grand Prize Award as well as the Best Picture Award in the TV category of the 33rd Baeksang Arts Awards. In a world where the meaning of family seems to have faded in some ways, there are hopes that the remake of this 21-year-old classic will bring forth change in a better direction.

Actresses Won Mi Kyung and Kim Young Ok will act as the maternal mother and mother-in-law respectively. Choi Ji Woo will play the role of Won Mi Kyung’s daughter Yeon Soo, who was embarrassed by her mother’s blind love for her, but also dreams of becoming a wife and mother like her own.

Minho will play the role of immature son Jung Soo who sometimes upsets his mom but quickly grows and matures after learning that he is running out of time to repay his mom for her love.

tvN’s “The World’s Most Beautiful Goodbye” will air its four-part series in December after the finale of “Revolutionary Love.”

English Source: SOOMPI

Making Myths

19 October 2017 06:00 am
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Posted by Muddy Colors

Guest Blogger: Jeffrey Alan Love

The story of how I came to illustrate NORSE MYTHS: TALES OF ODIN, THOR, AND LOKI by Kevin Crossley-Holland actually starts with John Harris.

Growing up, if I saw a book that had a John Harris cover, I would buy it. I loved his artwork. In 2013, after I committed to making art that was personal and meaningful instead of just work that paid the bills, I attended Illuxcon. John was exhibiting, and after working up the nerve I went up to him and told him how much I loved his artwork and how I was trying to become an artist myself. He was incredibly kind and gracious, and we talked about our shared love of mystery, of leaving things indistinct, and how by painting the space around the object you describe the object itself. How you can just give enough information in a painting to allow the viewer to be drawn into it, to bring their own story to it, sparked by what you have suggested. From the outside looking in to the science-fiction & fantasy art industry, it seemed that rendering and realism was king, and to hear one of my heroes talking about composition and storytelling in this way gave me a lot of heart to continue pursuing a personal path for myself.

That night John stopped by my table, where I was exhibiting my new portfolio. We talked some more as he looked over my work, and then we said our goodbyes. I thought that would be that – a wonderful experience with an artist I idolized, a memory I could call upon to give me strength when I felt discouraged by the pitfalls of trying to make my way as an artist.

A few months later I got an email from Alison Eldred, John’s agent, saying that John had shared my work with her and asking if I would be interested in having her show my work around in the U.K. After jumping up and down for a bit I replied yes, please.

I think we knew that this job was a possibility on the horizon for a couple of years before I talked to Ben Norland at Walker Books. I realized that it was going to be something special when he told me he had worked on A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness with the illustrator Jim Kay. If you haven’t checked out that book, do so – Kay’s illustrations are phenomenal, deeply affecting and emotional, a perfect fit for the text. And most importantly, from my point of view, they were in black & white!

Ben sent me a draft of the text, and asked me to put together a wish list of images from it. Reading through the text I was struck by the power of Kevin’s writing, and found it nearly impossible to not just circle every paragraph. I could easily have made this a thousand-page book. “Those mountains over there… they’re made from Ymir’s bones. The sea was made from his skull, and his brains are the clouds.” Every sentence rang with visual possibility.

Those mountains over there… they’re made from Ymir’s bones. The sea was made from his skull, and his brains are the clouds. Every sentence rang with visual possibility.

Once Ben had the final draft he laid out the text, leaving areas blank, sometimes full-pages, sometimes columns, sometimes just a thin band across the top of the page, suggesting the placement of the art with the caveat that I could change anything I wanted or suggest something different. In the end I really enjoyed having the text already in place to work with, as it gave me something to work from, it implied a design that allowed my mind to play with the possibilities. Large blocks of text suggested looming figures in pure black in which the type could be reversed to white, narrow columns suggested deep wells or spears thrust into the earth, a strange-faced man juggling razor-sharp daggers.

Another favorite artist of my childhood, Victor Ambrus, had always impressed me with the way his compositions played across the two-page spread, and I tried to bring that to this book, a sense of fun and play with the design, using the full spread instead of confining myself to contained squares.

I work digitally for sketches in photoshop, as for me sketches are not about drawing ability but composition. I’m only interested in value, shape, and edges and whether or not the image is reading and telling the story I want it to tell. In general I use only black and white, and photoshop allows me to copy/paste the sketch over and over, so I can make Thor tiny in one version, and see what happens if I make him GIGANTIC in another without having to redraw him – I just lasso, copy and paste and I can see if it works within seconds. That efficiency with time was always important with previous jobs, but it was invaluable this time around – I was doing thousands of sketches for a 230-page book, with paintings on EVERY SINGLE PAGE. To make things even crazier, my wife and I had our first child in the middle of this project, and when we emerged from our shock I did the math and saw that I needed to finish three paintings a day to hit my personal deadline for the book. Ben and Walker were excellent about giving me as much time as I needed, but I’ve always prided myself on hitting deadlines, and didn’t want that to change now.

The wonderful thing about nailing down the composition in the sketch phase is that I get to just have fun making the final art.

I print out the digital sketch and lightbox it onto Stonehenge paper. I paint the silhouette with black paint or ink, depending upon how much surface texture I want at this stage, and then I coat various brayers, paint rollers, socks, petrified sticks I found on the beach, sponges, brushes, old shoes, my fingers, etc. with paint and start distressing the image. Just about anything can leave an interesting mark, and I try to have fun and leave myself open to happy accidents at this stage.

I intentionally relinquish control of the piece to the materials and let them do what they want. I used to cringe when something happened on a painting that I thought was a mistake or weird – now I love when that happens, when something surprises me in the process. The pieces begin to resemble a Rorschach ink blot, and I start to see things within them. Using white and black ink and paint and colored pencils I go back into them and try to bring out a little further the things I see within the silhouettes so that the viewer will see them too.

Then it’s just the simple matter of painting day after day, piece by piece, until it’s done and you look back and wish it really was a thousand-page book and that it didn’t have to end and you could keep painting it forever, because this truly was a dream job for me.

Thank you to Kevin Crossley-Holland for letting me run wild with his words, to Ben Norland for being such a joy to work with, Alison Eldred for her friendship more than anything, and John Harris for seeing something in my work that was hidden from me, and for sharing it. And thank you to Muddy Colors for sharing it as well.

Norse Myths: Tales of Odin, Thor, and Loki by Kevin Crossley-Holland, illustrated by Jeffrey Alan Love, is available from Candlewick Press and Walker Books.

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공중 전화 (gongjung jeonhwa) public phone (noun)

공항에는 공중 전화가 있습니다.
Gonghangeneun gongjung jeonhwaga itseumnida.
There are public phones in the airport.

공중 전화
gongjung jeonhwa
public pay phone

공중 전화를 사용하다
gongjung jeonhwareul sayonghada
use the public phone

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This month, Rob Sato returns to Giant Robot with a new body of work under the title "Arco Iris." These watercolor works tackle the differing significance of rainbows through several lenses. (Sato’s work is part of the upcoming Hi-Fructose Collected 4 box set, here.) The gallery and company says that this new show “marks another radical shift in style for the artist.”
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Posted by Andy Smith

Using acrylic nails and hand-stitched sequins, Frances Goodman explores the concept of female identity in her portraits and sculptures. A new show at Richard Taittinger Gallery, titled "Beneath Her," collects the South African artist’s most recent works around this journey. Goodman was last featured on HiFructose.com here.

The Plain White Piece of Paper

18 October 2017 06:00 am
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Blue Ribbon - 18x24 Oil on Board

My mouth is dry and sweat has begun to bead on my forehead. It’s been two weeks since I finished my last painting. I don’t know why, but for some unknown reason, the sandstorm that has swept great empty dunes over the creative desert of my brain won’t stop blowing. My eyes cringe against the wounding sunshine. In truth, I know what lies buried beneath the sand. There is a great treasure trove of ideas, hints at masterpieces. But no matter how hard I try, all I can do is stare out at the wasteland of sand that turns a brighter and brighter white as the time passes. My fingers grip tight over a quivering pencil.

This is what future faces me. The plain white gritting piece of paper.

Every ounce of effort must be applied just to put the graphite tip to that pristine white sheet. Why, I ask myself, is it so difficult? Then, in a quick, reckless stroke, a single line is applied, spoiling the clean space. A guttural emotion of triumph overwhelms me and with all hesitation abandoned, the pencil takes hold of my senses and releases what has been waiting, caged within.

Blue Ribbon Sketch

Okay, so that’s a little lyrical, but it gets the point across. We’ve all been faced with the struggle of starting something new—and yet all it really takes is simply putting the pencil to the paper and letting it do it’s job. Forget about making the perfect sketch. It will work itself out. It might take one time, it might take twenty. Here are some of the sketches I started out with before they became completed into paintings; some exceptionally simple, some worked out multiple ways, and some fairly fleshed out from the beginning. All of them began the same way—as a ridiculously frustrating plain white piece of paper.

Chuck sketch

Chuck - 12x12 Oil on Board

Game of Chase sketches

Game of Chase - 48x24 Oil on Canvas

The Insatiable Mr. Toad sketch

The Insatiable Mr. Toad - 18x24 Oil on Board

Etherium sketches

Etherium sketch

Etherium - 18x36 Oil on Board

Alice sketch

Alice sketches - notice how I ran out of paper
space? I just grabbed another piece of paper
and kept on going...

Alice background sketch

We're All Mad Here - 24x48 Oil on Board

Crimson Ribbon rough sketch with associated reference file markers

Crimson Ribbon composition sketch compiled in Photoshop
after drawing each element separately.

Crimson Ribbon - 18x36 Oil on Board

I Am sketch

I Am - 36x60 Oil and Gold Leaf on Board
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지루해하는 (jiruhaehaneun) bored (adjective)

지루해하는 아버지는 집에 갈 준비가 되었습니다.
Jiruhaehaneun abeojineun jibe gal junbiga doeeotsseumnida.
The bored father is ready to go home.

그룹의 사람들이 굉장히 지루해합니다.
Geurubui saramdeuri goengjanghi jiruhaehamnida.
The group of people are extremely bored.

굉장히 지루해하는
goengjanghi jiruhaehaneun
extremely bored

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This month, Copro Gallery in Santa Monica once again pays homage to Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, helmer of horror-tinged films like Hellboy, Pacific Rim, Pan's Labyrinth, and others. “Inspirations, Curiosities & Other Oddities” collects work from more than 50 artists. In turn, the show also pays tribute to the names that influenced Del Toro: Edgar Allen Poe, HP Lovecraft, Mary Shelley, and others.

Paschalis Dougalis

17 October 2017 11:46 am
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Posted by Charley Parker

Paschalis Dougalis, wildlife art, watercolors pen and ink
Originally from Greece, Paschalis Dougalis is an artist and wildlife illustrator currently based in Munich, Germany.

Douglais has a special interest in birds, and owls in particular. He works in watercolor, gouache and acrylic for his finished pieces, and often works from life in zoos and parks, capturing animals in watercolor or pen, often Bic pens.

I particularly enjoy his drawings on toned paper in which he works out from the middle ground with both ink and white gel pens.

Though there are a few images on his website, his blog is more active. Douglais’ YouTube channel includes a number of videos of him working on location.

There is a brief interview with Douglais on Birdingmurcia.